Friday, November 12, 2010

Flag Folly

This is the story of the kid that was forced to remove the American Flag from his bicycle at the school in California. I tried to call the school to voice my opinion and of course ALL the circuits were busy. I wonder what would have happened if this youn...g man had refused to remove the flag? What would happen if American's refuse to be politically correct?
Okay... I have to bring out my soapbox! How in the world is it politically incorrect to fly an American Flag on American soil at an American school? AND why is it politically correct for this school system to ALLOW hispanics to fly the Mexican flag during Cinco de Mayo? I have nothing against hispanics or Mexico. I have many friends that are hispanic. My problem is with our government and it's current attitude about patriotism, freedom of speech, and constitutional rights that our country was founded on. That our soldiers past and present have fought for. Everytime someone yell's "racist!" "Prejudice" or "Muslim" , the authorities back down. Since when do Americans have to live in fear? Because that is what is happening. We are living in Fear of reprisal for believing in and living the American life of freedom and liberty. It has become a politically incorrect to preach the Bible and moral values. It is politically incorrect to claim your rights as an American citizen, while illegal immigrants are kowtowed to by the very government that is supposed to be protecting the legal citizens of the USA. What about MY civil rights? What about MY beliefs? Yesterday was Veterans Day.. a national federal holiday. Lots of talk about honoring our veterans. The only way to truly honor the sacrifice of our veterans is to take a stand along with them. The mid-term elections are over, but it is not the time to sit back and hope that things go well. It is the time to remain watchful guardians of the Constitution.
It is also the time to REMAIN in prayer for our country, our elected government officials, our schools, our service men and women, and our children.

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