Thursday, April 26, 2012

Try It! You'll Like It!

You can not experience the fullness of your relationship with God if you are holding out on Him.   He has so much to offer to His children.

He holds nothing back from us.   He gave it all and He wants us to live in the complete and total freedom that being related to Him bestows on us.

But we hold onto our 'stuff' like we can deal with it on our own.   Like He can't handle it.   Like He doesn't know more about it than we do.   Like He just wouldn't understand.   Like we don't trust Him with it.   Or like it is too precious to trust to anyone, even Him.

Oops!   There it is.   A lack of faith.    Where is a mustard seed when you need one?   

He tells us mountains will move, yet we balk at a bump in the road.   

He says we can have anything we ask for if we only believe, but we won't take a step towards what we want because we can not let go of what we have.   We hold on to garbage when He offers priceless riches!

Jesus came so that we would have abundant lives here and now.    Not just for the indescribable eternal hereafter with Him that we can't even begin to imagine.   His kingdom is at hand.  It is here and now.  We are His heirs.   We are owners.   Why are we only standing in the doorway when we could be walking in and possessing the land and all it has to offer?   It's not a scavenger hunt.   It is buried treasure!   Treasures like peace, emotional and spiritual well being, joy and inner power.

He said "take my yoke upon you"  and we are so stiff necked with our own pride and burdens that His yoke just seems to be another bit of stress to add to the load....Even though He said it was easy and light.

To paraphrase, He said "try it, you'll like it!"   Take Him at  His Word.   Don't  hold back any longer.   Trust Him with your stuff... your treasures and your junk.      He will care for it better than you can any way.     

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