Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dare I Sing?

Singer : Illustration of a Singing Smiley

Songs of joy and childish play filled my days when I was young.
I knew the Lord would laugh and smile at the songs that I had sung.

With the faith of a young heart and eyes that saw no pain,
I grew and flourished sweetly in the wonder of His name!

My eyes became distracted by the world and all its gain.
My heart, yes it did fracture  as death called loved ones by name.
Days grew dark and heart grew heavy as the years they tolled away..
Death, despair and then self pity  claimed my song of life each day.

Long I wandered in a valley broken heart on sharp edged path,
I knew that He was somewhere.
Yet my vale, it was so vast.

Where was joy and young heart laughter?
Where was faith and hope gone now?
Surely God must be gone playing with a child that pleased Him more..

Looking up and searching for Him
I recalled how it had been
when my song had brought Him pleasure.
Dare I sing to Him again?

Do you hear me, Lord my Savior? Do you see your wayward child?
Have I hope in Your forgiveness?  May I talk with You a while?

Yes! He answered!  Yes! He cried!  Yes! I love you! He replied!
Long you wandered brokenhearted  when I yearned to give you peace.
Come to Me now my Beloved...Lay your pain upon my breast.
With arms open wide as Heaven, with a heart that knows no bounds
My Lord wrapped His love around me,
This wandering sheep had now been found.

Lord! I thank You and I praise You! Forevermore I will proclaim!
Your love is lasting and eternal!  God of Love is Your wonderful Name!
Now I sing again with new joy
for He has touched my broken parts.
Made me new and everlasting.
Wrote His Name upon my heart!

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